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January 12, 2015

News and views from Muslim

1-Turkey approves construction of first church in 90 years
A positive sign towards inter religion understandings and elimination of distances between human kinds of different religious polarities. This action first time taken by Islamic rooted government to boost Christian –Islamic friendships
2-Hazem Sherif from Syria wins Arab Idol contest
Interesting and encouraging news from civil war folded Syria with very positive congratulations from Government news agency for Hazem to be selected as Arab Idol
3- For first time in conservative Saudi Arabia, art takes to streets.
Saudi Arabia is a such conservative country that such art based and hobbies activity on street level displays brought enormous encouragements to art loves in the kingdom.
4-After tough year of violence, Iraqis flock to Baghdad market for holiday cheer
It is been long time that Iraqi’s saw some festivity or a chance to celebrate their happiness, they got time and good fortune to have one this year.
5- Oman promises ‘true Arabia’ as it looks to boost tourism sector
Tourism in Arab world is getting room with major move from Dubai and Abu Dhabi and then Qatar, the initiatives from both small states encouraged rest of the Arab world to boost their tourism.
6- Nine Muslim women reverts honored in Jeddah
Reverting to faith is always appreciated and looked with great aspiration. This social setting managed under am Islamic society to preach non Muslims and allowing them study and find true ways of religion and God where 9 women choose to revert with their absolute free will and personal decision by a voice from their inner most to satisfy their hearts for beating to Islam.

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