The Holy Black Stone | Hajjar Al Aswad

January 9, 2015

The Holy Black Stone – Features of Hajjar Al Aswad

Hajjar al Aswad, the holy black stone brought from Junnah with Adam by angels and it was whiter than milk when brought down on the face of earth. It is turning black for consuming the the sins of faithful Muslims and purifying them from sins. The holy black stone will be made standing witness to Allah Azza wa Jal on the day of judgement for believers and its size will be raised up to mount Uhad between Makkah and Madina. Holy prophet fixed Hajjar al Aswad in a corner of Kaba in Haram shreef with His own hands.

A rival from history named as Jhuram raided Makkah and remained failed to destroy Kaba but he tried to steal some of quality features and put them away from Kaba but again he remained failed. He buried Holy Black Stone in a near by well but a woman witnessed and on her report, stone recovered from well where it was floating on water surface, again placed in Kaba where its actual position was acquired finally by Holy Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him.

Again in 317 Hijri and 930 A.D, Qarmatians raided the Makkah and killed lot of people and replaced the Hajar al Aswad with some fake stone on, soon it again happened a sentimental condition in rivals and they become forced to return the Black Stone and hand overed to the Kaba authorities to place the Hajja al Aswad on its real position.

Romans approached the holy black stone and hit the stone with an axe several times but remained failed to smash the stone and soon over a Yemni man stabbed the hitting roman and killed him.

In 413H Fatimids (warriors) raided Makkah and and a chief knight from them tried to smash holy black stone but soon his own fellows killed him on the spot and burnt him down to make it a lesson for others.

In 1351H, some Afghani approached the Kaba, stole some piece of its grand coverings and a piece of stone pulled out from wall of Kaba, on noticed this Afghani sentenced to death from local authorities.

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