The Value Of Ahraam For The Umrah

January 21, 2015
The Value Of Ahraam For The Umrah2

Ahraam For The Umrah

The Value Of Ahraam For The Umrah1The sacred state into which a Muslim must enter for the performance of Umrah or the Hajj, is known as the Ahram. The Ahram is derived through the Arabic term Haram, which is also a name of Kaaba. Haram, literally means the sacred place or the state of peace, so the Ahram gets the derivative force from the same origin and thus is also the ritual purity of the Muslim pilgrim. Before starting the pilgrimage, the Muslim stop at a designated place to perform certain rituals that station or place is known as the Meeqat for the pilgrim.

Basically, the word Ahram used for the three meanings: firstly, the two piece of cloth worn by the Male Piilgrim, then the very act of starting the Umrah, and lastly the state of consecration in which the pilgrims are during Umrah. And in actual, after putting on the Ahram (first sense) the Muslim made the intention of Ahram (second mean) and automatically the pilgrim enter into the state of Ahram.

For wearing the Ahram, cleanliness is recommended before putting on the clothing of the Ahram. Clip the nails from fingers of hand and toe, shave the pubic hair, comb hair and beard, trim the mustache and take a proper Ghusl or at least the Wudu. Only men, are recommended to use the perfume over the body or head but make sure it does not on the cloth of Ahram.

The Value Of Ahraam For The Umrah2For men, clothing of Ahram comprises on the two white sheets of cloth. One is to be wrapped round the upper part of the body and the other to cover from naval to the legs. The lower piece can be fixed with some belt or the pin. Whereas, for women, the ordinary loose fitting clothes that cover all of her body except the face is the Ahram. It is tradition for women to wear white or black cloak, but there is no restriction for it. There is no restriction for the footwear for women, but, the men should not cover the toes and the ankles.

There are certain prohibitions, for and during the Ahram. Once the pilgrim enters in the Ahram, from then, until they finish their Umrah, they are supposed to abandon certain things. These are known as the Mahzurat-al-Ahram. The clipping nails and shaving hair from any body part, using perfume in any way, speaking lustful words, desiring to touch spouse, contracting marriage, hunting or eating from game meat, men are restricted from covering their head or wearing clothes sewn to fit the limbs of the body and the women are restricted to wear Niqab or the gloves during the Ahram.

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