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Umrah A Sacred Journey To The Holy Makkah

January 22, 2015

Umrah A Sacred Journey

Darud1Umrah is the visit of Bayt Allah, the Haram, The Holy Kaaba. It is not only an attraction for the true Muslims but also to the Muslims who are adventure lovers. The Muslims around the globe have a deep desire to reach this sacred destination and to perform Hajj or minimum Umrah. For the purpose some Muslims make independent efforts and some take the Umrah Cheapest packages, as offered by the travel organizers world widely. As the Umrah is not only the sacred destination, but also a voyage to the land of history and culture. Makkah, the city of Arab, has a very old and preserved historical value in the Muslim theology.

Reaching to the Makkah, performing Umrah is no more difficult now by taking the assistance of the Umrah packages from london heathrow 2015. Umrah has great value in the Islam and near Allah. As it can be easily traced by different narrations of the Holy Prophet (PBUM) and by the Holy Quran. The travelers of Makkah by the intention to perform Umrah are said to be the guests of Allah, the Almighty. It can be traced in the Holy Quran that if someone passes away during the performance of Hajj or Umrah, their house is in the Jannah. The guests of Allah, have the great opportunity to please Allah and seek His forgiveness, it is the reason that Umrah is said to wash away the past sins, and is advised that one should repeat Umrah if he has the means.

DarudWith the first sight to the Holy Kaaba, it is more sanctioned to proclaim Darood to the Prophet (PBUH) and keeping the eyes fixed on the Bait-Allah, praise Allah as much as one can. It is time which is thought to be special for the acceptance of Duaa, so humbly with the tears in the eyes supplicate Allah for whatever you Wish, especially for the forgiveness of Allah and mercy. The idea is, to praise and glorify your Creator before proclaiming Darud and supplications. Therefore, with Allahu Akbar La Ilaha Illallah one may recite some other similar holy verses if desires.

The Holy voyage to Makkah is full of the blessings and bounty of Allah. One who is travelling to this sacred destination can get the numerous rewards for each step. This sacred tour is made easier by the Umrah agents, who are, offering even cheap Umrah Packages London, Uk for those having a short budget but the great desire to perform Umrah.

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