Umrah Guide

Umrah Guide Easy Steps To Follow

Make Ghusl, Trim your nails, and remove your pubic hair. Whatever Salah (prayer) is due at the time of travel ensure it has been prayed in full before setting off. Read two rakaat of travelling Salah before setting off. When going out of your dwelling, house or hotel, say: Bismillahi Tawakkaltu a lallahi laa haula wa laa quawatta illah billah. Also read Duaa of travelling before setting off in the car.  Keep reciting and praising Allah during the entire journey.

Umrah Guide MapOnce you left for the Umrah, you are a traveler, the next due Salah is to be shorten, as this is a special concession by Allah for the Muslim travelers. The two Rakaat of Zuhr and the Assar may be combined together and in the same manner the three rakaat of Maghrib and two Rakaat of Isha prayer to be offered together.

Change the outfit by or before the Meeqat. Men, should get in the two white sheets. This is Ahraam for them. Women can carry the loose outfit, that, what covers their sattar properly and that is Ahraam for them.

umrahGuideAfter getting in Ahraam, make Niyyah for the Umrah. The Niyyah for Umrah is as: Labbaik Allahumma Umrah. Make the Talbiyah and continue making the Talbiyah until and unless you reach the Harram and start your Tawaaf-e-Kaaba.

When you are at the Harram, just enter with the right foot. Make the effort that you enter in by the Bab-ul-Umrah, and do not forget to make Duaa of Masjid. For the Tawaaf-e-Kaaba, men should leave their right shoulder bare only for the entire Tawaaf and this is called Ibtidaa. But after the Tawaaf do cover that bare shoulder immediately.

To start the Tawaaf, reach to the Rukn-e-Yamni, which is that corner of Kaaba, where the black stone (Hij-e-Aswad) placed, touch the black stone or if it is not possible then raise your hand in the direction of Hajr-e-Aswad and make the intention of Tawaaf.

For men, to Raml (hasten walk) during the first three rounds of Tawaaf and lower the speed in remaining one. During the Tawaaf when one reach by the Yamni corner, either touch it by hand or raise your hand in direction and say: Bismillah Allahu Akbar.

After completing the seven circuits around the holy Kaaba, just proceed to Maqam-e-Abraham. It is a place in the Kaaba where the footprints of Abraham A.S are embossed on a stone. It is preferred to offer two rakaat Nawafil behind the Maqam-e-Abraham.

Recite surah Kafiroon and surah Ikhlass respectively in these Nawafil. This is a practice of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He PBUH, offer two rakaat Nafal after every set of Tawaaf.

One must drink the Zamzam water to meet his fill. The maximum intake of Zamzam is also a practice of Holy Prophet PPBUH. Now it is time to move forward towards the Mount of As-Safa and Al-Marwah.

Climb the Al-Safa first, to a height from where the Kaaba become visible. Recite following upon reaching to the mount Safa: Innas Safaa wal marwata min sha’aa’irillaahi faman hajjal baita ‘awi’tamara Falaa janaaha ‘alaihi An yattawwafa bihimaa wa man tatawwa’a khiran fa’innallaaha shaakirun ‘aleemun. Then recite abide been bad Allahu bihi, and start climb the Mount As-Safa. Upon reaching a place from where the Kaaba became visible, face the Kaaba and say Allahu Akbar three times and then descend and proceed towards the Al-Marwah mount. Fasten your pace between the green lights placed in the center of both Mounts. Repeat same verses as you did at Al-Safa. Keep praising Allah and sending Darood on the Prophet PBUH. Make the Dua of your own will and ask for the mercy and forgiveness of Allah.

After completion of the seven circuits in the aforementioned way, the sale is complete now. After the Saee, the Pilgrims have to shave the head or trim the hairs.

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