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Umrah The Best Way To Remove Sin

January 20, 2015
Umrah The Best Way To Remove Sin1

Umrah The Best Way To Remove Sin1According to Islam first you should clear all your liabilities and pay off all your dues before the holy journey. A pilgrimage should must bring some things with him/her before starting the Holly journey of Saudi Arabia for Umrah or Hajj like Ihram, Tooth brush, sleepers, and an umbrella, towel, shampoo, nail cutter, basic Medicines, alarm clock and a travel iron. When a pilgrimage who wants to offer Umrah arrives at Meeqat there is an option to take bath for both Male and female if it is easy, there is nothing wrong if it is not possible to take bath for both. Only the man perfumes his head and beard but not to his Ihram garments. Men are to change into their cloths of Ihram there are two sheets of Ihram for men but no specific clothing designed for women just they are prohibited to wear face veil only.

After wearing Ihram both men and women have to go for Tawaf, Tawaf is a manner in which every Muslim has to complete seven rounds around Khana Kabah and then they will go for Sai, Sai is running on the hills of Safa and Marwah. After Sai every Muslim has to go to trim his hair. For Men it is necessary to shave their heads hair and women should trim their hair one inch, not more than this.

Umrah The Best Way To Remove SinUmrah is one of the most highly regarded rituals in Islam. It is kind of pilgrimage performed at the Khana Kabah by visiting the holy city of Makah. Unlike Hajj, it is non-obligatory and can be performed at any time of the year. A Muslim should perform Umrah once in a life, but it is highly recommended for him to perform more than one to gain more reward. That is why the prophet (PBUH) performed more than one Umrah in his lifetime. Umrah time is open during the year. Holy Prophet (PBUH) mentioned, “An Umrah performed during Ramadan is equal to performing Hajj with me.”There are four pillars of Umrah, Entering the state of Ihram,Tawwaf is circumambulation around Holy Kabah,Sai is fast walking round hills of Safa and Marwa,Tahlul-lul which means comes out of state of Ihram.

A person can perform the Umrah in any month of the year like in the month of Safar for instance, or in Shaaban, or even in the months of Al-Hajj pilgrimage can perform Umrah at night as well as in the day. In Saudi Arabia there is a well of water named zamzam it’s the special gift for all pilgrimage who came to Saudi Arabia and they bring this gift for their home land for friends and relatives.

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